Vegan Ayurvedic Retreat

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Our Health: we consume it or we generate it.




A complete Ayurvedic Lifestyle experience in a paradise of biodiversity.
One full week to explore your own Nature and generate your unique health.


ONE WEEK to replenish yourself, tune on your own nature, live at your pace.

NATURE. This wild, pure, quiet corner of the island, to rebirth in nature, reset your core.

TIME to relax & renew. Hike the coastline, swim in salted crystal clear sea relax at the warm pool.

IMMERSION in Ayurvedic Style. To explore, sense & digest differently.

Daily RHYTHM of Ayurvedic meals & self-care, Yoga practice & Massage to set up transformation.

AyurYOGA for Prana to circulate harmoniously, harvesting presence and superpowers…

MASSAGE all treatments 4-hands! Tailored on you for detox, flow, grounding & lightness.
To restore bodily tissues + functions & deep relaxation.

FOOD is fundamental medicine & magic healing. A creation of Ayurvedic Vegan Meals.
We rock it organic & sugar- gluten- diary- free. Fresh & delicious food ayurvedically balanced.

TEACHINGS in Ayurveda, cooking, self-massage & natural beauty.




WELCOMES YOU to a trip trough yourself, in splendid surroundings.

takes place in the HEART of the Mediterranean: lush dry tropical climate, warm (swimming) temperatures, fresh air and starry nights. A white-sand palmy beach is at your feet and several silent coves and Caribbean-like bays are in the Nature Reserve close-by. Plenty of awesome natural spots to enjoy where the sea meets the mountains... We can orientate to 28-35°C dry weather with fresh nights and occasional short rain.

is very PRACTICAL. I love to give you the opportunity to live Ayurveda on a daily level, which is the most important thing if you opt for lasting effects. I offer here an Ayurvedic daily practice (cleansings, yoga, self-massage, herbal understanding, food preparation, beauty care, etc.) that you can take as much as you want to, into your day, also for later. Here you are able to "rehearse" what you can implement later at home.

is INTENSE. Yes! A retreat is my chance to go further then the treatments and consultations given in my practice. Where those stop, a retreat begins... Ayurveda has so much to offer and this setting allows me to give you the most. Nevertheless, for a lighter approach, you don't need to follow everything what is offered, you can just go day by day with what you wish to participate to...

  challenges you to balance activity and stillness in a PERSONAL BLEND of rest and ease for your own radiant health. In Ayurvedic eyes & knowledge, Health & Happiness is a personal formula to be tailored individually. Possible solutions to a same problem may differ a lot because we people have a different nature (constitution) and our life and context is always very unique. Learn what balance means, for yourself.
Gain management of health, happiness and freedom.

is about EXPLORING RELATIONSHIPS (with yourself, your hunger, your organs, your sleep, your surrounding, your dreams, your thoughts and needs, your emotions, power, qualities and your essence) and there is plenty of SPACE for that.

    is the chance to RECEIVE daily yoga & massage, mind and bodywork that will go deeply into your system,

to fortify it and be present to yourself. Practice your state of being, awareness and closeness to your Self.

is a rich & abundant week of well being ànd the GREAT START of a longer Ayurvedic experience that you can carry on with you. When the week is finished, your transformation has just started, and the tools are with you.

AYURVEDA is born in India and rests on Universal concepts.

How would you feel starting a day with an energizing drink, yoga, a healthy breakfast,
an Ayurvedic treatment and time to rest, enjoy a tasty lunch, some virgin salty sea or pool swimming
and a walk trough tropical plants & flowers on red earth under a blue sky?

Some Ayurvedic insights, a shared cooking and enough free time for what wants to be?

You are not vegan or vegetarian, you never did yoga or heard of Ayurveda? You are perfectly welcome. Your partner and friends as well. The retreat is open to everybody who would like to live this experience. Each one takes it to his own level. Watch out: I am very passionate in my work and you are very much welcome!!!

If this is your call then inform quickly, places are limited to a small group.

INFO & BOOKING: please mail us to Dalia Zaltron




The Place:
“And God created Sicily. The place where the mountains meet the Sea”.
A breath-taking scenery.

San Vito Lo Capo (Trapani) - Sicily - Italy

Saturday 20/06/20 5PM ~ to Saturday 27/06/20 9AM
According on your to travel you may arrive later and depart earlier.

Participants fly from different countries to Palermo (80km) or Trapani (60km) and reach San Vito Lo Capo by car or bus. Car-hiring is cheap in Sicily as well as a direct flight, if booked in advance. (From Holland there is a very cheap combination of train+flight.)
With a car(share) you can reach marvelous places very close-by.

Sea front exclusive villa in a tranquil area aside the village of San Vito Lo Capo.
The villa is embraced by a tropical garden with a private warmed swimming pool all for us.
There is place for about 12 people and enough space for privacy. You can relax at the pool on the sun beds, chairs, swings, and shell beds all around the house. So you can enjoy some company but also retire yourself, not only in your room but outside as well. There is also an open air living room to rest and enjoy the sea view.

We can offer shared rooms, private rooms and a lovely apartment above the house overlooking the sea.
Each room comes with an en-suite bathroom and shower.

We are literally surrounded by natural marvels.
ZINGARO is a wild ecosystem in a protected nature reserve, car free. It stretches along some seven kilometers of unspoiled coastline fron San Vito Lo Capo to Scopello, Gulf of Castellamare and its mountain chain, with a setting of steep cliffs and 7 marvelous little bays! You can spend your time outdoor by swimming, resting, or hiking the coastline, enjoying the company of tropical flowers, corals, eagles and silent bays with stunning views. You can also laze excellently at home... enjoying the moonshine or sunset from your shell bed.

If you are interested, please send us an email and we are happy to provide you all the information.




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